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Recirculation Art

Digital Devil


This is a Recreation and Reprise of The Brand New Album " The Devil And god are raging inside me." 

Photos are Recreations and Adaptations of the Album Cover Art.

Lyrics to all album songs have been reprised and rewritten by myself

the Art


Recirculation Art is an exploration of the relevancy of point and shoot digital cameras. 


Since the dawn of smart phones, digital cameras have become near obselete. 


Recirculation Art creates poetic and humanistic potrayals of Roboticized cameras, depicting life after their decline.The anthropomophism of these figures in abandoned locations with urban decay juxtaposes themes of technology, time and nature. 


James Rauff is a lOS aNGELES based artist who hails from New York. After graduating with a writing/history degree from Towson University in Baltimore, he pursued writing and film work. He is a published writer with strengths in poetry and free verse.  He is also the Co-founder of the San Diego based stainglass/ vintage window art project “Broken Glass Studios.” His works reflects his background in history combined with his intrigue in interpersonal relationships.      

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