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8/18/16: Regents Theater, Los Angeles 

10/5/16: House of Blues, San Diego 

10/12/16: The Tipsy Crow, San Diego 

10/23/16: The Yost, Orange County 

11/26/16: Atrifice, Las Vegas 

12/21/16: The Tipsy Crow, San Diego

8/26/17: The Hideaway, Fire Island 

9/23/17: Tenleytown Tavern, Washington DC

10/22/17: Mercury Lounge, New York City 

11/12/17: Yo Miami Studios, Miami 

12/1/17: Tattooed Moms, Philadelphia

2/11/18: Crying Wolf, Nashville 

2/22/18: Tsunami, Annapolis 

4/6/18: Tropicalia Lounge, Washington DC

6/26/18: Midnight Oil, Newark 

11/26/18: California Wild Ales, San Diego

2/23/19: Barnes and Nobel, Burbank 

4/6/19: Treehaus, Los Angeles 

6/10/19: Barnes and Nobel, San Diego 

12/18/19: Elephant Alley, Los Angeles  


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