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Digital Devil

"The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me" Project 

Sowing Season (Reprise)

There’s a check point on Merrick and Countyline 

It’s a trap to get you to admit to your addictions

An intervention of sorts

I’m letting down my guard

This alcohol has got me in a vise  

Squeezing out some truths

I’m slurring my speech  

But you are a good friend for listening

I'll just try to stay audible

Lets keep things topographical  

I can never go back to using maps

Even though I’ve lost direction

Make a left and mend

Watch those things you have broken

Fill in the parts that were missing

I’m blurring my vision

But you are a good friend seeing

Me half way

I know this is all my fault

Yeah Yeah …


Milestone (Reprise)

There’s no wake

I can’t sleep

I’ve been thinking about friendships

And craftsmanship

They both take so much time and effort

 Sink down our discretions

And try to avoid the bends

We are going to sleep next to the Coimbra tonight

Take a bow the ships going down

I did an admiral job keeping us afloat for this long

We were naive and not nautically inclined

Our sea legs were taking out at the knees

Sink down our discretions

And try to avoid the bends

Capsized breaths

There’s nothing I wouldn’t give

My own stone around my neck

That’s anchoring us down

Faith like flare guns

Even just to light up

The skies

Fire works for the skimmers

Sink down our discretions

And try to avoid the bends

         LUCA (REPRISE)

It’s all digital now 

From the gift of gab

To the grift and grab

There used to be an

Art to this 

You indexed champion 

You faux fox 

With too many skins on the wall 

When the hunts so easy 

The taxidermy is less deserving 

You still smell like fawn 

Haven’t even learned how to run


We don’t disappear 

We are tagged like animals 

Left a digital trail

Migrated to me 

So symptomatically

Arthritic intentions

You got in the rhythm 

Advertised to you

Based on consonant 

I’m in your algorithm 

We have our discourses

Buttoned up 

Lectured lovers 


Touch me or don’t  

            Not the sun  



I’m not hungry enough to bite 

Because I know who feeds 

And I’m not scared of the monsters 

Under the bed 

Because I story bordered them 

We don’t know when to stop 

The safety word is in Latin 

The osteologists of your closest 

Because I know every skeleton 

Bit every collar bone 


The air in this room is stale 

But it gets the job done 

Wain into me like the moon 

And let’s darken parts of us 

That no one wants to see 

Method motions 

Had me convinced 

You are good at playing 

Your part 

To be my babe 

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