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J6 Age: 26 Style: cannon powershot s410 Celebrity crush: Maria Sherapova Favorite movie: short circuit Quote: " I never knew who I really was unit I was picked apart and then rebuilt."

Little Bonanza Style of camera: Konica Minolta dimage xg Origin: Japan Favorite vacation spot: Sydney Australia Favorite movie: Battery's not included Quote: " Data only matters when you apply it to something personal."

SAINT Style: Casio Exilim Favorite vacation spot: Palm Springs CA Celebratory idol: Chuck Woolery Favorite song: "Blanket of Ghost." Dustin Kensrue Quote: " Even those in the dark room will see the light."

Bort Age: 22 Style: Casio exilim Robot idol: Gort Dislikes: Bill Cosby for his Kodak endorsement Quote: " Utilize the wrist strap."

Filbert Age :17 Style: vivitar 5150s Favorite activity: archeological digs Favorite album : "digital ash in a digital urn" Quote: " If my memory card goes blank at least I'll have a clean slate for the future."

Karel Origin: Czech Republic Style: Polaroid 14.0 Favorite activity: playwriting Age:25 Quote: " Nothing is stranger to man than his own image."


Tobor Style: Grey Casio Born: Japan Celebrity crush: Faye Valentine Style:Casio exilim 4.0 Quote: " I've got pictures to prove it."

Rondell Style: Casio Exilim 7.2 Favorite song: "Handshake drugs" Wilco Favorite book: Death of a Salesmen Quote:" If you shake more than twice your playing with em."

Walter Style: Canon Powershot SD700 Favorite vacation spot: Miami, Florida Favorite song: " Things have changed" Bob Dylan Quote: " I was raised by a single mother board"

Foster Style: Sony cybershot 14.1 Origin: Los Angeles Favorite movie: Falling Down Quote: " My parts aren't economically viable "

Algernon Age: 15 Style: Casio exilim ex-z50 Favorite movie: wal-e Favorite activity: gardening Quote " All that is baron is not dead. All that is dead is not barren."

V.I.N.CENT Style: Casio exilim Favorite vacation spot: Marfa,Texas Favorite subject: astronomy Quote :"Before looking into outer space, explore your inner cosmos."


Chip Sytle: Black Casio Age: 14 Favorite movie: "Terminator 2" Favorite album: " computers and blues" the streets Style:Casio exilim 7.2 Quote: "That's not a dead pixel, that's a freckle."

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