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Digital Devil (Brand New)  12x12 Prints

Digital Devil (Brand New) 12x12 Prints


*Recreation and Reprise of Brand New's "The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me."

*Prints are 12x12 Album Cover size. Printed on textrured woven style paper. 

*Limited and individually numbered. 

*Lyrics to all album songs have been reprised and rewritten by myself trying to maintain the themes of the pieces but in my own style. 

*Lyrics are printed on matching woven paper with print

*Select the print photo you like above and note from what song reprise you would with it.

- Sowing Season (Reprise)

- Milestone (Reprise)

- Jesus (Reprise)

- Degausser (Reprise)

- Limousine (Reprise)

- You Won't Know (Reprise)

- Not The Sun (Reprise)

- Luca (Reprise)

- The Archers Bows Have Broken (Reprise)

- Handcuffs (Reprise)

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